Enterprise Systems Management (ESM)

Today, business priorities are driving the requirements for IT operations teams. As technology has become ubiquitous in the workplace, IT has an ever-increasing role for supporting the essential business requirements of managing liability and risk, maximizing revenue and minimizing expense.

Managing Liability and Risk

Operations teams are asked to make sure that the business does not run the risk of being found non-compliant with government regulations or exposed to any other liabilities. A typical response is to drive the adoption of an established process model such as ITIL®.

Maximizing Revenues

Operations teams have to make sure that revenue-generating business processes run at top efficiency and provide appropriate quality for end-users. High levels of service quality and rapid rollout of enhanced IT services are both key.

Minimizing Expense

In the interest of providing a competitive advantage, IT Operations teams are under pressure to increase the company’s margins by lowering costs.

Solutions3 recognizes that today’s businesses face many challenges resulting from increasingly complex IT infrastructures and manageability issues. Deficiencies include lack of correlation between multiple ESM tools, lack of transparency in infrastructure operational issues, and lack of time and resources to implement the various features of the tools. In today’s fast-moving business environment these problems can have devastating consequences.

Our ESM approach addresses your critical needs regarding ESM tool implementation, operation and related processes. We’ll leverage our experience, expertise and partnerships to help you develop a customized ESM strategy that fits your particular situation and requirements. Along the way, we work with you to maximize your ESM investment by equipping your staff to effectively use the tools to achieve your operational targets.