Training Services

As an award-winning services and training organization, we recognize that knowledgeable people are essential to the success of any ITSM/ESM project. We also recognize the importance of lifelong learning and striving for excellence in the People resources of your organization. To that end, we believe that proactive training, in its many forms, should be a part of each and every project we engage in. Our ultimate desire is to have your resources – vital to your project’s future success – fully equipped to handle the solutions put before them.

Our Unique Training Offering

The What, the Why, the When, and the How

What: Training is defined as the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies. Training can also be described as education, coaching, development and remedial assistance. Through both informal and formal training, knowledge transfer sessions and resource development plans, we equip your resources with the skills needed to be successful with the solutions we provide. Mastering the fundamentals of any solution and gaining a growing knowledge of the relevant capabilities is still the name of the game. Any solution void of training is unlikely to drive improved performance and capability that we are looking to achieve.

Why: We need to remind ourselves why we train. We train for several reasons:

  • To define, build and reinforce the skills necessary to make the solution successful
  • To enhance performance and competency for individuals, teams and the company
  • To create a desirable learning environment that attracts and retains our talent pool
  • To establish a ‘common language’ and the expectation that both ‘application’ and ‘process’ competencies are necessary

When: Our approach to when to train is very dependent on the solution we are providing.

  • ITSM Process Training – We prefer to provide executive overviews and workshops very early in the engagement so that the stakeholders, sponsors and managers are fully aware of the terminology, business benefits, risks and support required for success. We then move directly into the technical and practitioner-based training so that the resources most involved in the design and implementation of the various areas are able to participate fully.
  • ITSM/ESM Application Training – We prefer to provide the administrative training prior to full project kickoff. By doing so, primary and secondary Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are prepared to engage in the Strategy discussions, Design sessions, Transition plans and Operations and implementation of the solution. Once the solution is close to transitioning to production, we provide custom operator and/or end user training so that your resources are trained and ready to take over the solution and its capabilities as it has been designed and implemented in your environment.

How: Solutions3 provides a number of options for your custom approach to training:

  • Dedicated Formal Onsite/Offsite Training– Classes can be scheduled at your facilities or training facilities we can provide. Our training materials are provided directly from the vendor training partner or we use our own internally developed training materials.
  • Instructor-Led Virtual Training (ILVT) – Many of our vendor training partners provide ILVT training options that we can provide for you.
  • Web-based Training – Again, many of our vendor training partners provide web-based training options that we can provide for you.
  • Informal Training – This training option is commonly tied to our projects. This option provides little or no formal training materials and lots of white boarding.

Real World Experience

Our solution architects are frequently called upon to perform skills assessments and to create related training plans to fill any gaps that might negatively impact your project’s future success.

Our training professionals also provide course development expertise for a number of our software vendor partners. In many cases, our team has worked with vendors to write specific application certification tests.

We have a number of ITIL® v3 experts that teach ITIL® classes for our ITSM training partners (listed on our training partner page).

Solutions3 also boasts of having one of the official reviewers of the ITIL® 2011 Edition books. This contribution by David Brink is acknowledged in the forward matter of each of the five core publications and at

Solutions3 instructors provide a unique training experience in that our instructors are also practitioners. We are able to bring that ‘real world’ experience into the classroom. Conversely, our consultants are also instructors bringing the mindset of knowledge transfer and the importance of training into each of our projects. Our custom-training approach equips people with the knowledge and hands-on experience to effectively manage the IT solutions we provide.

A winning company rarely happens by chance. It is a result of proactive and purposeful steps by committed leaders who influence others to reach their maximum potential. These leaders see training as a vital aspect of their overall success. An effective plan for training is a plan that cultivates the ultimate competitive advantage: an organization focused on the future.

As Intel’s ex-CEO, Andy Grove said, “Training is simply one of the highest leverage activities you can perform.”

For more information on our training organization, please contact us today.