About Us

Solutions3 LLC provides expert consulting and training services in the IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) arenas. We have the depth, breadth and continuity of highly skilled personnel with an excellent reputation in customer satisfaction. Our alliances with industry-leading IT manufacturers and vendors are another area of strength for Solutions3 that enables us to always bring the very best solutions and services to our customers.

Bringing Your IT Environment to its “Desired State”

IT is like the Rubik’s Cube®: all the components are right there, they just need someone with the ‘know-how’ to pull the pieces together and put them in the right alignment. At Solutions3, that’s our specialty.

For us, the cube represents IT as a whole with each individual square of the cube (puzzle) representing a facet of IT having its own place and function. The pieces, if put together correctly, will work most efficiently to bring the whole cube to its “Desired State,” with each piece functioning at the peak efficiency in its own role and enabling its counterparts to do the same. Conversely, if the pieces are not in the right place, the cube is still a cube but it lacks its “Desired State” of completeness and harmony.

Our collaborative methodology has been the key to success; year after year, project after project. We work with our clients to understand “Current State” (where are they now.)We help them define their “Desired State” (where do they want to be)… and lastly, we assist in putting together a Roadmap and Implementation Plan to get them there.

Our Vision

To be instrumental to our Clients in bringing about IT Transformation in an ever changing environment.

Our Mission

To provide our Clients full life cycle IT Solutions as their trusted IT Service provider.

Our Commitment

Solutions3 commits to honor God by providing our Clients, Partners, and Team Members Execution Excellence in all we do.

Our Core Values

People Matter – Integrity – Execution Excellence – Teamwork – Positive Attitude – Results Oriented – Customer Satisfaction – Leadership

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